EHIC Family Cover

EHIC Family Cover – who needs a card?

You should cover your whole family with an EHIC card. Every family member requires their own EHIC card.

How do I get an EHIC for my kids?

When you apply for an EHIC in your name, the online application form gives you the option to add a request for a spouse or for your child (as your dependant).

EHIC child application

EHIC child application

Make sure that each family member receives their own EHIC card, as they are person specific and NOT family specific.

You can apply for the EHIC card free of charge on the official NHS website – some non official sites may try to charge you to process the applications for you, it only takes a few minutes so do it yourself.

If you already have an EHIC card but your child does not, you should be able to go to the NHS website and add your application. It is simple and free so don’t delay to make sure you have EHIC family cover before you travel, we hope you never need to use it!

When completing your application please ensure you provide the correct National Insurance or NHS Number for each applicant. In the case of children it is acceptable to insert the NI / NHS Number of the main applicant. Please allow 7-10 days for your card(s) to arrive.

Something else you might consider is accidental damage insurance cover for your holiday rental home, check with your insurance company of this is included. This will protect you from a big bill if one of your kids accidentally damages something.